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How to prevent metal automobile stamping parts from damage?

Compared with other plastic processing and mechanical processing methods, metal stamping processing method has many unique advantages in economy and technology. This kind of stamping process requires the die to ensure the shape and dimensional accuracy of the metal stamping parts. Generally speaking, it will not damage the surface quality of the stamping parts. At the same time, the service life of this kind of stamping die is longer than that of other dies. Therefore, in the metal stamping process, it can be said that it has the characteristics of stable quality and good interchangeability.

Metal stamping can process some parts with complex shape and large size range. When the cold deformation hardening effect is added to the metal stamping, the strength and stiffness of the metal stamping parts can be improved, and no other heating equipment is needed. It is a kind of energy-saving and material saving processing method, and the cost of metal stamping parts is also very low.

In the industrial production of metal stamping parts, various kinds of presses and special tools are used, and the metal materials are made into products and parts of the required shape by pressure. This kind of special tools are called metal mold, and the service life of stamping products is related to mold mechanism design, heat treatment, surface treatment, maintenance and other factors Often in production, it is necessary to prevent the metal automobile stamping parts from being damaged?

Characteristics of automotive metal stamping parts

1. For the sliding window with a width of more than one meter, or the installation of double glass doors and windows, double roller sliding should be set, or the use of dynamic pulley should be selected.

2. It is better to install hardware with fastening screws and metal lining. Moreover, the thickness of the lining should not be twice as large as that of the fastener pitch. It should not even be fastened in plastic profiles or in non-metal lining.

3. After the installation of hardware accessories, we must pay attention to the maintenance and protection, to prevent the phenomenon of rust erosion, and to ensure that in daily use, we must light off light on, so as not to cause damage to hardware accessories.

4. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel should not be used for the sliding hinge.

5. The models and specifications of the hardware accessories used shall meet the national standard requirements and relevant regulations, and the plastic steel doors and windows shall be selected as the matching materials.

Post time: May-21-2021